15x15 Heat Press,Epson Printer,CISS,PU Vinyl Heat Transfer

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The "15x15 Heat Press, Epson Printer, Refillable Ink Cartridges Kit Package" is ideal for heat transfer of design, graphics and photos to T-shirts, mouse pads, ceramic tiles etc. It is heavy duty commercial build, and comes with digital temperature and timer controls.

Technical Features:

  • Size: 15"x15"(38cm x 38cm) heavy duty
  • Input Voltage: ~110V to ~120V
  • Input Power: 1600w
  • Temperature: off to 220C (428F)
  • Timer: 1 S to 999S
  • Weight: 29kg
  • Easy to operate
  • Separate digital temperature controller and timer
  • Advanced powder coated surface
  • Pressure adjustable
  • Press opens for easy placement of products
  • Top quality,lowest price, cost-efficient deal
  • Applies on items up to 1/2" thick
  • Brand new in box

What's in Your Package:

  • 15"x15" Heat Press Machine: 1pc
  • Epson C88+ printer: 1pc
  • Epson C88+ CISS Ink Cartridge: 1set
  • USB printer cable: 1pc
  • Bottled Dye Ink: C, M,Y, K, 4bottles, 100ml/bottle
  • Light transfer paper: 5pcs
  • Dark transfer paper: 5pcs
  • White T-shirts: 1pc
  • Black T-shirts: 1pc
  • Vector Graphic Art Collections: 2pcs

  • Model: FHP-Epson88-CISS-Tshirt

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