Dye Ink for Espon R1900, CISS Refillable Ink,8pcsx100ml

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The dye Ink Refill Package is ideal for Epson R1900 inkjet printers. It's 8 color ink (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Matte Black, Red, Orange, Gloss Optimizer) per package. It's 100ml/color/bottle, 8 bottles/set.

Dye Ink for Epson R1900 Key Features:
  • Available colors: C, M, Y, K, MK, Red, Orange, Gloss, you pick
  • Vivid color, excellent printing results
  • Environmental friendly, non-toxic, no odour
  • No damage to the nozzle
  • No diffusing, quick dry, durable
  • High compatible: works with any paper media
  • Cost-efficient deal
  • Weight: 8pcsX100ml/set

    • Model: FINK-dye-R1900-8pcsX100ml

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