Edible Ink Edible Bulk Ink Refil,CISS,Espon,Canon Printer,Photo

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The Edible Bulk Ink Refil,CISS is ideal for photo cake printing with Espon,Canon Printers, e.g. Epson R260, R280, R380, Artison 50, NX420, Epson 1430, Canon,etc. It's 6 color ink (Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow, Black) per package. It's a great idea to print edible Cake Images/ Transfer Images on any cake, cupcake, cookies. Photo cake images can be printed on edible or chocolate transfer sheets via inkjet printer with edible bulk ink. The edible Inks are edible and matched regular ink color.

100ml Desktop Printer Edible Ink Key Features:

  • Available colors:C, LC, M, LM, Y, K
  • Vivid color, excellent printing results
  • Environmental friendly, non-toxic, no odour
  • No damage to the nozzle
  • No diffusing, quick dry, durable
  • High compatible
  • Cost-efficient deal
  • Weight: 100ml/bottle, 6bottles/set

  • Model: FINK-EdibleInk-100ml-6pcs

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