6.4mm Double O-Wire Binding Machine Wires 3:1,100pcs

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The 6.4mm Double-O Wire binding machine wires are perfect for binding your booklets, court documents, presentation books, school assignments and any other kind of reports, etc. It is 11"long for 8.5x11" wire binding machines, wire binders.

Key Features:
  • Double-O Wire binder wire size: 6.4mm
  • Metal 11" wires
  • 3:1 Pitch, 32 rings
  • Suitable sizes: 8.5"x11" wire binding
  • Bind upto 38pgs, 20lb bond paper
  • Available colors: Black
  • Package: 100 pcs/pack

  • Model: FTD-wire-6.4mm

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